The financial effort to buy a home is growing

18 Sep

This year’s report confirms most of the trends pointed out in the 2018 edition, especially the three main ones. In the first place, that the budgetary flexibility of potential buyers begins to reach a ceiling in the face of price rebound. Secondly, … Read More »

Repayment of Credit with Tax

15 May

One of the most unpopular tasks in the year is the delivery of the so-called tax declaration, which is obligatory for every German citizen in the employment relationship. The filling of numerous documents, the copying of documents and then the … Read More »

Low Income Earner take Loans Wisely

19 Mar

There are jobs that are extremely well paid and, unfortunately, a not insignificant number of jobs and occupations whose pay is almost shameful. Sadly, so far the legal regulation on the minimum wage has not changed anything so far. For … Read More »