Get to Know Good Credit Real Estate Refinancing and its Rules

10 Dec

Good Credit Financial Solutions offers the refinancing of property, called by the company, by Mortgage Guaranteed. Like many financiers, Good Credit accepts commercial or residential real estate, as long as it has the documentation up to date and on your behalf.

What are Good Credit’s conditions for Refinancing Property?

What are Good Credit

Good Credit offers a major advantage: It repays your past debts with the credit you obtain from the loan, which improves your credit analysis.

The finance company works with interest from 1.30% plus IGPM or IPCA rates. It has a minimum value of R $ 50 thousand and a maximum of R $ 2 million, and may represent up to 50% of the value of the property in question. The payment term is between 3 and 15 years.

To get refinancing, the customer must first go through an interview. After a pre-analysis will be made and, if there is really interest, the company goes for credit analysis, legal analysis and property evaluation. You need to prove income to get the loan. All right, just sign the contract and after a few days the credit is released to you.

Where to use Refinancing Money?


Unlike other loan arrangements, in this case the capital is free and you can use it however you want, but where?

Reset your financial life

Use the money to rearrange your accounts. But of course, make sure that you can repay the refinancing installments smoothly. In addition, use credit to pay off larger debts, usually credit card, overdraft, car pool, home financing, which often turn out to be a snowball, may have very high interest rates and tight deadlines to pay. Pay off all debts and be left with refinancing. Another tip is, if possible, get a little more of the credit you need, and after repaying your debts, use the rest to help pay off refinancing, giving your monthly bills more relief.

Investments in education abroad

You can use credit to take specialization courses at leading universities in your area of ​​work in Brazil and around the world. The postgraduate, masters and doctorate courses are very expensive and in Brazil are charged at many public universities. The tip is to use the money to pay for this investment that is sure to upgrade your career and give you a better salary in the future, a more comfortable life without the need for new loans.

Invest in your business

This option is good for entrepreneurs who often look for good credit options when starting a business. The tip is to use money as working capital and get 100% of your business project off the ground, making your dream come true and giving you a higher rate of success, even so that the profit will be used to repay the refinancing installments. of your property.